Welcome to the hot steamy world of A.J. Marcus. Here is a sensual mind ready to carry you off to worlds both far and near. Follow cowboys as they find love in a blizzard, or superheroes as they fight to save the world and each other. Here is a place where fantasies are fulfilled and new ideas are opened up. There are mysteries to be solved, and hard bodies to be fondled. You never know where the stories will take you, but you’ll always be happy to you took time to read.

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Mountain Spirit
Mysteries #3

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Brock Summers and his fiancé, wildlife rehabber Landon Weir, are preparing for their wedding when someone starts killing moose along a creek in the northern part of Teller County. As the moose casualties rise, human bodies turn up, and the case is taken over by the sheriff’s office. When a Forestry Service Ranger is killed, the service joins the hunt. All signs point to one of the many photographers who have been taking pictures of the moose. Then Landon discovers a small piece of gold in the creek and they believe they have a motive, but they’re still lacking solid suspects. Bullets fly as they seek to track down the perpetrator while trying to get everything wrapped up in time for their marriage.

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Punishing The Panda
Kinky Kritters #1

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A New Alpha in Town
Hardwood Shifters #1

The past year has been hard for werewolf Tanner Groff. After his pack was killed by shifter hunters, he’s staying on the move, looking to warn other shifters there’s a band of militaristic hunters looking to kill every shifter they can find. When he catches the scent of a bear shifter named Van, Tanner changes his course and follows in hopes of having a quiet discussion with Van. But before that can happen, the hunters strike sending them on a desperate rescue mission they aren’t sure will succeed. Being in close quarters with passions running high, Tanner and Van find a mutual attraction and hope they can survive long enough to explore it and the new path their lives are taking.

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Signed with a Heart
Signed Sealed Delivered #2

Leo, a cheetah shifter, knows he will be married off to a man of his parents’ choosing. He won’t have any choice in the matter. When his father informs him Antonio will be his mate, he doesn’t exactly like the man, but is determined to make the best of it. Knowing he’ll be cut out of the life he’s known before, he wants to go from Spain to Washington state so he can have a last few days with his best friend Cam. But Cam and his mate are out on vacation and Leo finds Taruk at their house instead.

Taruk doesn’t exactly understand the recent trend in the elk herd he belongs to toward having arranged marriages, but he’s not overly worried about it, since he’s not high on the pecking order. After seeing how happy his best friend Jenner is with his mate, Cam, Taruk wonders if it’s not so bad. When Leo shows up while he’s house sitting, he responds to the fear and sadness emanating from the young cheetah. The two are drawn together only to be torn apart when Leo’s promised mate arrives and takes Leo away.

The two struggle with the feelings their brief encounter has awakened. Then when disaster strikes, only that new love is enough to hold them both together.

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The Leprechaun's Gamble
Gifts of the Fae #1

Ailin O’Sullivan is a leprechaun on a quest for love. On Saint Patrick’s Day, a portal from Fairie to the mortal world opens for a few seconds and young leprechauns pour out and try to find love before the Spring Equinox. After skipping the event the year before, Ailin is ready to run out into the mortal world and take his chances. The music of a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration draws his attention, and he finds himself dancing with a sexy man. Mahon is a local farmer who’s tired of looking for love amongst the locals. When Ailin proves to be a match for him in everything they do, Mahon is quickly smitten. But will they confess their love to each other before the equinox, or will Ailin be pulled back to Fairie and trapped there forever?

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