So today I’m posting as part of the Hop Against Homophobia. I hope folks stop by some of the other sites involved in the hop. Have your friends stop by. This is a very important issue in today’s world. We need to open people’s minds.

Where does hate come from? For the most part hate comes from not understanding or from fear. But there are several kinds of hate, there is hate of things that make you uncomfortable, like the taste of certain foods, or the hate of some kinds of weather if you are unprepared for it. I live in Colorado, I don’t understand folks who live here and hate snow. If you hate snow, don’t live in Colorado, sorry but go back to California or Florida, Texas or wherever you can that you don’t normally have snow. In my mind that’s the easiest way to deal with something you personally hate. I hate traffic. I now opt to live as far away from it as possible, and only go into town when I have to. It keeps my stress down.

Hates born of fear can be difficult to deal with. When fear is involved, rational beings often act in irrational ways. A lot of people have irrational fears, some of these are actually genetically coded into us for survival. It’s totally normal for primates to have a fear of birds of prey, we used to be smaller and they used to be larger. There are a number of fossil records that show prehistoric birds of prey used to hunt proto humans. But a lot of us overcome this irrational fear as we should all of our fears. Bugs aren’t going to hurt you. In my mind, homophobia is also an irrational fear. Gays aren’t going to hurt you, and they’ll only do your hair if you ask and they have the skilled. Trust me, nobody, not even the cat wants me to do their hair.

In a lot of people, the things they don’t know or understand cause fears. Fear of the unknown is one of the big reasons that we have so few explorers today. Folks are comfortable being feed the information that they are told and don’t care to embrace change. When they are faced with something that they don’t understand the immediate response is to be afraid and depending on the extent of that fear, it can turn to hate. Many people have a deep fear of the dark, because in the dark, you have no idea what’s waiting for you. Being prepared to deal with things you don’t understand is one of the best ways to deal with the fear of the unknown.

So what is the best way to deal with hate? It depends on where the hate comes from. If it originates from not understanding something, then the best thing is to educate people. Show them what they are not understanding and how it is harmless. Too many people in our world today dwell deep in their uneducated states on many things and want to stay there. These people can be the hardest to break out of their closed mental cages. You have to take a slow careful approach with them to pull them out of their confinement; the hardest part is getting them to take the first steps out. Once you have them moving mentally forward, you can fill their minds with positive information and wash their fears away with knowledge and understanding.

In our world right now, we are dealing with minority hate. It is something that has been around since we first swung down out of the trees. In recent history, we’ve dealt with racial hate, religious hate, and the big one right now is sexuality hate. As humans, this hate of difference is natural, but we need to tackle it and push it back. Find a common ground to stand on with the haters. They hate having anything in common with the object of their hate. Often, they have much more in common with the object of their hate than they believe. During the racial hate that scarred this country less than half a century ago, whites didn’t believe they had anything in common with blacks, when in reality, the only difference was the color of their skin. They still had the same types of families, still did the same kind of work, even defecated the same way. The religious hate is harder to fight, because there is nothing physical to fight, the fight is all about ideas. Ideas are more powerful than any material weapon ever created by man. Across the globe we still see most major conflicts can be narrowed down to either physical greed or religious idealism. When we get to the nuts and bolts of the last vestiges of homophobia it’s based on religious ideas. Science explains that sexual attraction is something that is hard wired. The only real choice a person has is the choice to be happy or not. If you choose to be happy, you choose a partner that you’re attracted to. If you choose to follow the outdated religious dogma, you choose to pair off like they say. Be warned, the odds are that you and your partner will be miserable when you choose to go against yourself. You may be hiding from the hate, but you are also hiding from who you are.

Fight the fear to fight the hate. Educate those around you. Help open their minds. Some days it will be easier than others. But be yourself. You best weapons are knowledge, and your own good will. Open minds, and eventually the plague of homophobia will go away.

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