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I’m Coming

As a writer of male erotica, I spend a bit of time reading my genre. There’s a thing that to me is a dead giveaway that the person writing a story is one of the many women who’ve turned to gay erotica for the money they can make and not caring about how the gay men reading the story are going to take their mistakes. Nothing irritates me more than using the word come in the place of cum.

The word come is a verb meaning to arrive. It sounds just like the word cum, a layman’s term for semen. In most cases having a character scream “I’m ejaculating!” is a bit awkward. However screaming “I’m coming!” is like saying “I’m not here yet!”, when they are obviously there or they wouldn’t be having intercourse, beating off or whatever they are doing to cause them to ejaculate. Screaming “I’m cumming!” is correct because they are spraying cum all over wherever their penis, cock, dick or whatever you prefer to call the male sexual organ, happens to be at the time.

This is not meant to be a slam against women who write m/m romance/erotica. Some of them are very good and even when they get the words wrong can be very enjoyable. I just think if you’re going to write something you might want to get the words right and in my way of thinking, even if come is grammatically correct, it’s not subjectively correct. This goes back to the basic rule of writing, write what you know. Yes cum, cumming, came (yeah we can use that one) is a little less clinical than ejaculate, semen, or ejaculating, but if you’re going to be writing gay erotica you might as well get it right. And don’t even get me started on anus…