“The Jouster’s Lance” Release Day

After lots of work, I’m thrilled to announce that “The Jouster’s Lance” was released today by Dreamspinner Press. It’s the first book of Ren Faire Romances. The second book “The Satyr’s Song” is under contract already due out in September or October. The third book “The Archer’s Arrow” is currently in review.

The Jouster's Lance


Dale O’Toole, aka Diederik, the Demon Duke of Denmark, takes his Renaissance festivals seriously. He has been on the jousting circuit for five years and enjoys his gypsy lifestyle, traveling to faires around the country. It’s fun and he has good friends.

Austin Renfro has worked in a pirate gift shop at the Colorado Renaissance Festival for several years but has a life outside the medieval fantasy world. When Austin spies Dale during the first joust of the season, he knows he must find a way to meet him, even if the jousters and royal cast don’t normally associate with the working class.

Their first chance meeting causes more than a little embarrassment for both men, but they don’t let that stop them. They try to let their budding love find its place while keeping it from becoming common knowledge. But when a particularly conservative knight catches them in flagrante, it’s bound to cause problems. After all, jousts are dangerous….

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